News Submission Process

  1. Download and complete the News Submission Form (Preferable).
  2. After completing the form, attach it to an email and send it to Public Relations at naabcupr@gmail.com.

  1. For Chapter members, after April 2015, send your news -print ready- to your chapter's designated newsletter point person.  Prior to April 1, 2015, send your news to Public Relations at naabcupr@gmail.com

    If your chapter has not appointed anyone or if you are unable to make contact, do not let that hinder you.  Send your news to the Public Relations email address, and assistance will be provided for locating your contact for the future.  Maybe you would like to assist your chapter by volunteering if there is still a need.  Volunteers are always appreciated with lots of room for helping hands.


  2. For Non-Chapter and Associate members, send your news - print ready- to Public Relations at naabcupr@gmail.com

  1. If sending pictures, please submit no more than 2 high-quality graphics. If space is limited, both graphics may not be used. Photos taken with cell phones typically are of lower quality, so make sure you change camera settings to high quality. 
    1. If naming individuals in the photograph,  indicate and verify the names. 
    2. Provide parental permission for photographed minors (Under age 18).  Scan and attach parental release letter(s) with news submission. 

Documents may be submitted in text, Rich Text  or WORD formats if not using the News Submission Form. Please do not submit PDF documents.

Note:  Print Ready requires minimal editing.  The Clarion formatting will be applied.


Publication and Submission Deadline Dates





February 28

March 2 (For Feb.)

August 16

August 28

March 15

March 27

September 13

September 25

April 12

April 24

October 18

October 30

May 17

May 29

November 15

November 27- Dec. 1

June 14

June 26

December 20

December 30

July 19

July 31




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